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About Hospitalia

Why Hospitalia?

Your every health need all in one place – your home!!

  • Premium-quality trusted accessible home healthcare services.
  • Talk directly to an experienced family medicine doctor – 24/7
  • Instant Care from qualified experienced healthcare practitioners.
  • Skip the waiting room and get the care you need – whenever you need it at the comfort of your home.

Our Vision

Reinventing home healthcare

We’re excited to reinvent how people in Egypt are experiencing health and well-being through delivering innovative integrated, accessible, cost-effective, personalized home healthcare services our creative journey is to help people smile and feel good every day, and we are excited about our potential to truly transform the healthcare standards.

Our Mission

Premium quality home healthcare

To deliver a premium-quality, trusted, accessible, fully integrated home healthcare services. We believe that through innovation and the use of high tech people can live a happier and healthier life.

Our Core Values

Put the Patient First

Take personal ownership

Celebrate the art of medicine

Be fast, but don’t hurry

Always work with integrity

Be inquisitive and discover

Our Story

(Personal Experience, We find that healthcare needs healing.)

65 years old father, after an accident and a long stay in the Intensive Care Unit and about 3 months admission in hospital. Finally, he was discharged. But, this was another unpleasant Challenge!!
He struggled to get physiotherapy sessions for another 4 months at home!!

and this was the spark for Hospitalia.

Our Healthcare Providers Responsibility

Patient Rights


To know the mission statement of our company and the type of services our providers do.

To receive verbal and written information about any proposed treatment plan and to be told if there are any alternatives available

To receive a detailed explanation of their condition, care, and treatment, in terms that are free from professional jargon in order that the patient can fully understand

To receive relevant, current and understandable information concerning their drugs


To have the right to receive treatment without discrimination of any kind.

To receive healthcare on the basis of clinical need

To be referred to Specialist/Consultant when there is a clinical need.

To have a second opinion or to have their care transferred to another physician if they are not satisfied with the care or opinion provided.


To be treated with dignity and respect, consistent with Professional standards for all patients regardless of the manner of payment, race, sex, nationality, religion, culture, personal values and beliefs


To privacy during the examination, procedures, clinical care/treatment; and they have to right to know who is in attendance and the purpose of those in attendance on them.

To be protected from physical assault during their visit.

To appropriate protection, if they are children, disabled, elderly or vulnerable.

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