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Focus on your business, Hospitalia is your health partner

Health Management is a central issue in corporate life, as the health of employees determines the health of the Organization itself. Hospitalia offers premium corporate medical services in cairo through creating effective healthcare programs customized to align with individual employee’s needs. Hospitalia team create plans and services counted as one of the best healthcare services in cairo generating a healthy return on investment through:

Reduction In Overall Healthcare Costs

  • Reduction In Overall Claims
  • Reduction In Outpatient Visits
  • Fewer Unnecessary Diagnostic Tests And Prescriptions
  • Reduction In Annual Health Insurance Premium

Improved Recruitment And Retention

  • Additional remuneration benefit
  • Unique selling point over other employers
  • Caring approach towards your staff
  • More motivated workforce

Increased Productivity

  • Reduce sick leave and absenteeism
  • Less time out of the office
  • Increased productivity at work
  • Emphasis on corporate health and wellness

Corporate Packages includes

For corporate health packages, we can offer treatment programs and plans that include:

Doctor Phone Consultation

Doctor Visit at Your Place

Lifestyle Programs


Health Awareness Days

Boost your employees’ wellbeing and reduce your healthcare spending through Hospitalia.

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