Vitamins and its importance especially for pregnant women!

We always hear about the importance of vitamins for the human body overall,

 but we don’t know how it’s important for pregnant women.

For every pregnant woman, it’s very important to know everything about your food, movement, and dietary supplements

 you need to have everyday with your fetus.

Also you have to know that vitamins aren’t always useful for pregnancy,

 it may be harmful in some cases through different stages of fetus growth.

What are the vitamins and food supplements?

vitamins or food supplements are very important compounds needed for the human body,

 they are useful for the biological functions of the tissues.

But in general, the human body can’t synthesize vitamins by itself,

 so pregnant women have to get the vitamins or supplements through food.

However the food intake doesn’t provide the essential supplements to the body,

 as the food goes under digestion process and absorption from the digestive tract,

 that may cause the breakdown of the supplements and getting very low doses of nutrients needed for vitality of the human body.

so it’s preferred to get the missing vitamins or supplements in the form of organic compounds,

 which are known as complementary medicine.

What are the important vitamins needed for pregnant women?

For pregnant women, it’s necessary to know the importance of the nutrients

 including the main meals or medications and dietary supplements.

  • the main compounds needed for pregnant women in the first trimester should be taken:
  • folic acid or folate which is important for neurological protection of the fetus
  • iron which protects mother and her fetus from anemia
  • vitamin B12 for development of fetus nervous system
  • vitamin C for absorption of iron from food
  • vitamin D for synthesis and empowering of the skeletal system

Why should pregnant women take vitamins or minerals?

There are many other reasons for the importance of vitamins and mineral supplements for pregnant women:

Deficiency in nutrients: 

in some cases there is a deficiency in food intake through unhealthy food or after a blood test reveals,

 so it’s necessary to get some vitamins or minerals via supplements.

Hyperemesis gravidarum:

 this case is characterized by severe nausea and vomiting for pregnant women,

 that may cause severe loss of nutrients and minerals.

Diet plans:

 in some diet plans, a lot of food groups will be minimized, then the nutrients and minerals will be decreased in dose.


 tobacco and smoking are unhealthy habits especially for pregnant women,

 that may require the excessive intake of supplements or minerals.

Multivitamins for pregnant women:

As we know the importance and role of vitamins and minerals for the body as well as pregnant women,

 the pharmaceutical industry promotes a different formulas serving the nutrients and minerals in a single product or combined product,

 gathering multivitamins in the same dose in form of (capsules and tablets).

Other forms of complementary medication or supplements are offered as herbal drugs,

 to eliminate the side effects may be caused by the synthesized compounds or organic formulas.

however, all the products available for pregnant women do not interfere with

 the importance of food intake through healthy meals including proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibers.

Vitamins should be avoided for pregnant women:

As there are a lot of vitamins useful and important for pregnant women,

 there are also some harmful ones that should be avoided or taken in minimal doses.

doctor advice should be taken in consideration before intake of any medication for the human body in general,

so you should consult your doctor before using dietary supplements,

such as:

Vitamin A:

 is important for the fetus as it improves his immune system and increases the development of vision,

 but just in an adequate amount, otherwise,

 the excessive doses will be stored in the tissues causing toxicity of mother or fetal abnormalities of fetus during birth.

Vitamin E:

  is very important for development of the immune system and gene expressions,

 but the increased dose may result in premature labour or rupture of the amniotic sac

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