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What is Hospitalia?

Your Family Healthcare Partner

Hospitalia is integrated on-demand healthcare web-based platform, which provides access to premium primary care medical home services provided by certified healthcare practitioners (family doctor , nurse , and physiotherapy ) at any time, anywhere.

Hospitalia is your partner to better manage your health through its services as home visits, phone medical consultations, and referral to different specialties when needed.

What are Hospitalia Services?

We provide personalized medical home services via doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists,
phone medical consultations and referral to consultants.

Family Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists Home Visits

Within minutes you can easily request Hospitalia’s doctor home visits , home nursing services and professional physiotherapist in cairo . our medical home services covers you and your family from the newborn child till your grandparents 24/7.

Phone Medical Consultations

Hospitalia qualified experienced on-call family doctors team waiting to answer your quires and support you with the appropriate medical advice anytime 24/7  (common medical conditions, Pregnancy, Pediatrics…).

Referral To Different Specialties

Your case need a referral to consultant and don’t know which specialty? Don’t worry a qualified family medicine doctor will take care of your health, providing you with the appropriate referral when needed to the right specialty saving your time, and can help you with the appointments too.

Who are Hospitalia Team?

We are well qualified experienced on-call family doctors , speciality doctors , physiotherapists , nurses and old age care specialists.

Dr. Mohamed Maamoon

Family Medicine Specialist

Dr. Mohamed Ali

Family Medicine Specialist

Dr. Ahmed Badawy

Family Medicine Specialist

Our Medical Team

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