Helping your child with Diabetes type l

Diabetes type l is a chronic disease that appears in childhood,  in this disease the pancreas becomes not able to

Obesity: control your weight!

Obesity is defined as a disease of excessive accumulation of fats in the whole body abnormally,  it’s a result of

bedsores and how to treat?

Bedsores are a medical condition that can infect persons lying for a long time or who are immobile or unconscious,

Skin rash and treatment

Have you ever suffered from skin rash before? Of course you have, it’s the most common symptoms you can suffer

Vitamins and its importance especially for pregnant women!

We always hear about the importance of vitamins for the human body overall,  but we don’t know how it’s important

How to Care for Wounds?

-When we talk about care for wounds… what are your first thoughts? -Do you think that wounds or injuries are

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